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Deputy Milo Powell, or Frother Mikel Nudd?? (Five of Spades)
Card art by Dan Frazier,
used by permission

Welcome to the Frothers Unite! Doomtown page. Us frothers like nothin" better at a shin-dig than a little multiplayer Doomtown, and some have even gone so far as to enter into some competitions (results ranging from UnclEvl just missing the quarter-finals at GenCon UK 2000 to Doc placing second in the 2002 SELWG Shootout). As usual us frothers won"t try to reproduce what others have done better, instead we"ll point you at the other frothers doing their thang and try to fill any gaps we see. Here we go then...

By the way pardner, if this site ain"t lookin" too much like the wild west, why not download this cool font (courtesy of Rich Gast) to make ya feel more at home?
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~ News in Brief

13/07/04 has a new home for the Lost Angels, which Mike Z got to design as a prize for winning the '04 US Championships at GenCon SoCal. Looks pretty tough to me (three free cheating cards to start the game?) but we shall see. Its a beta version so could be in for revision if it gets too hairy, though no doubt the "you shouldn't ever get away with cheating" brigade will argue that its only unfair to stacked decks and therefore could not be unbalanced. +1 Influence and +3 Value to all Blessed too.

DT newbie frotherbAz steps into the breach, with his first deck ideas, while the all-new FU!UK Froth Forums provide the perfect place to discuss Doomtown variants and deck concepts in the CCG Forum!"

~ Welcome to Doomtown!

"You folks jes" got into town huh? Why not pop in ta the Doc"s office for an introduction to the town? You can get yer shots while you"re there!"

~ Doomtown Terminology

"So you know yer way "round Doomtown, but not what those old timers at the bar babblin" about? Heh!
I bet you cud sure use a handy guide to Doomtown jargon and terminology!"

~ UnclEvl"s Laboratory

"So yer an expert now eh? OK, if you wanna see the latest blueprints, alternative rules and and other demented rantings Mad Scientist UnclEvl is on hand... why not pay him a visit? "


Card Combo Concepts and Deck Design- Our resident champion UnclEvl gives us his lowdown on building a killer deck!
Read it here

Greenhorn frotherbAz gives us the benefit of his new Rangers deck, Defendin' Whats Dixie's, where small deeds become big points. With commentary from UnclEvl and the Doc.
Read it here

UnclEvl rips a hole in the space-time continuum with the Backroom Pocket Dimension, a surreal combo for turtlers everywhere!
Read it here

Protection Racket- Its UnclEvl again, this time to show how the Maze Rats moved from sea pirates to full-time gangsters! Read it here

Two Doomtown multiplayer variants appear in the CCG Forum, the Rochester teamplay format (courtesy of Pat Pulvino) and the Doc's own Two Town Squares format. Multiplayer games no longer need stretch into the small hours (or be timed out indeed). Give them a go and let us know how it went!

Or you could just sit back and read the Doc"s review of AEG"s final Doomtown release, "Do Unto Others".
Read it here.

~ Coach Station

"How"n the hell did I get here? Where"s the Frothers Unite! main page?"

"Any other CCG pages worth a visit? Ah heres the timetable!"

~ Letters

"Got Doomtown ideas for the world to see?
Don"t be shy, post it up here!

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